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Hi, I’m Sigrid. I am a freelance landscape architect, environmental planner, writer and specialist translator (EN, ES > DE) based in Barcelona.

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I believe we are all city makers. And we are all shaped by our environment - urban or natural. This is why I love to write about what makes our cities and landscapes great, reflect on urban strategies and design projects in Barcelona & beyond, and find out what we can learn from them. I also look at modern and traditional design and horticultural techniques, and how they can be applied in a contemporary urban context to make our cities more liveable and resilient. 


Interested in green infrastructure and urban strategies in Spain and other European countries? Looking for a collaborator based in Spain for your project or research? Need translation services or an article, blog or web content in the field of urban design, landscape architecture, construction, sustainability or environment? Thinking about a study tour to Barcelona to learn about the city's urban design history and latest trends, or bringing students for a travelling studio? 

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1. fruit of the pine tree, one of the most iconic Mediterranean trees

2. base of the Catalan human towers, synonym for collaboration and team work

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